Our Certifications

Our Certifications

BBB Accredited

We are accredited and A+ rated with the Better Business Bureau. Better Business Bureau supports trusting business relationships by holding contractors to a high ethical standard. It operates under the assumption that relationships between business and client, as well as business are business, must be founded on a shared commitment to excellence. We are proud to be recognized by this organization as a business that is committed to offering high quality service.

American Standard Customer Care Dealer

We are among the top American Standard dealers in the country. American Standard Customer Care Dealers are selected based on the way they demonstrate a commitment to excellence, product knowledge, and customer service. They seek always to provide their clients with the most efficient and reliable system possible. We believe that we have earned this distinction by seeking always to maintain a high standard of excellence.

Mitsubishi Preferred Diamond Dealer

We are recognized as a top-tier dealer by Mitsubishi. Mitsubishi Preferred Diamond Dealers are nominated by a distributor and must sign a code of conduct and complete additional training in order to be accepted. Membership demonstrates exceptional commitment to excellence, expertise, and customer service. We are honored to have been nominated and accepted based on our efforts to best serve the customers who place their trust in us.