Who We Are

About Us

Patriot Heat & Air began in 2017 from a recognized need for a highly professional and qualified HVAC company in the Branson area. Because there is not a local HVAC licensure program, we knew that many residents were at risk of contracting under-qualified or unprofessional companies to serve their HVAC needs. With this in mind, we decided that excellence, professionalism, and education would be the pillars upon which we would build our business. Patriot sets itself apart by delivering reliable services to our clients. Quickly after our team began to serve the people of this community, our reputation for excellence and professionalism spread quickly. Still today, Patriot’s growth and commitment to conducting business the right way continues to drive us.

Our Mission

To be a leader by creating value through the loyal and zealous support of our customers.

Customer loyalty and satisfaction are our top priorities. We care about our reputation and take customer feedback seriously. We always operate at an exceptionally high level of professionalism and are top-notch in continuing education. We are passionate about making our clients happy and building relationships to last a lifetime.

Our Values

We are true to how we represent ourselves. We create and fulfill opportunity.

We align our interests with those of our customers. We identify, understand and meet the needs of those we serve. We promote innovation and learning. We are committed to professionalism, integrity, communication and teamwork.

PATRIOT (pa'tre et)

One who loves and zealously supports one’s country.

America was founded on hard work and opportunity and we value these things and support one another as a community and country. Love for one another and value for excellence and reputation is who we are and what we desire of our employees. Our clients can see it as well and for that we are proud.

What sets Patriot apart?


We hold ourselves to the licensure standards that many other states require. Even though southwest Missouri does not have HVAC standards, we have adopted the HVAC standards prevailing in many areas of our country.


From vehicles and uniforms to the way we interact with our clients in-person or over the phone, we wish to conduct our business in a professional manner. If we are going to provide excellent service, we want our presentation to reflect that excellence.


We want to make sure our clients understand how their system works and the options they can consider for their HVAC system. If we are to provide value to you, then you need to understand the work we are conducting.

Why "Patriot?"

A “Patriot” is one who loves and zealously support’s one’s country. When we began to consider what to name our company, we thought that the name Patriot was especially fitting. First, since Branson and the surrounding areas are filled with veterans, it only seemed right that we should pay tribute to their willingness to sacrifice in behalf of our freedom. Second, we wish to imitate the way Patriots love and serve their country through the way we love and serve this community. We always try to remember that we are here to provide needed service and support to Branson and the surrounding area.

Interested in joining the best?

We hire the best and are always looking for high character people to join our team. Click the link below to see why you should work for Patriot Heat & Air and why this could be the next step in your career journey.

Professionalism, skilled trade, integrity, and character are four of our core values when it comes to our staff. If that fits you then please reach out to us by clicking the link below.

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